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Henry Jager Photo Clinic

Would you like to shoot quality underwater shots for your holiday album? Impress your friends at home? Succeed with a fantastic presentation at your dive club? Gather many likes on Facebook? Or shoot professional quality images for entry in underwater photo competitions? This photo clinic will teach you what you need to know. For more details: http://www.acquadive.com/henry-jager-p-h-o-t-o-c-l-i-n-i-c-18-21-june-2015/

Women and Scuba Diving

Long thought of as a man’s sport, the world of scuba diving continues to attract fearless, adventuresome women. In March, we celebrated International Women’s Day, and what better way to honor it than by highlighting how now, more than ever, the scuba industry is overflowing with women photographers, marine conservationists and dive pros, just to name a few ways they’re contributing to the sport. Scuba diving has not always been so welcoming of women; in fact, when I started my career as a Divemaster just two years ago, I wasn’t taken seriously and my abilities were doubted just because I am a woman. So here, we’ll set the record straight about women’s contribution to the sport, and encourage all of you who have yet to try diving. There are countless ways that women and scuba diving go together; here are just a few. For more details: http://scubadiverlife.com/2016/05/24/13475/

Ambon Diving Best Critters in Indonesia

One of the best kept secrets of Indonesia, this little known diving destination offers premier muck sites. Ambon diving sites compete for the top position for “best critters in Indonesia”. Diving there offers healthy reefs, abundant marine life and numerous caves and arches. For more details: http://www.aquamarinediving.com/blog/ambon-diving/

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