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Little Cayman Beach Resort

Cayman Isle, (Caribbean)

Columbus discovered the islands in May 1503 when severe winds pushed his ships off course. He noted that the sea was full of turtles, so the islands were originally named Las Tortugas. Around 1540, the name Caymanas – derived from the Carib word for marine crocodile – was applied. The first settlement was on Little Cayman when turtle fishermen set up fishing camps in the 1600s. Following a raid by a Spanish privateer it was abandoned in 1671 and not re-settled until 1833 when a few families established Blossom Village. By the early 1900s, several hundred people lived on Little Cayman, exporting phosphate ore, coconuts and marine rope. During the 20th century, Caymanians turned to the sea for their livelihood and became outstanding sailors and fishermen famed for their independent spirit. Many Caymanian men joined the U.S. Merchant Marine and earned reputations as some of the finest ship’s captains and seamen in the world. The Cayman Islands opted to remain a British Crown Colony when Jamaica voted for independence in 1962.

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